Sewerage Board of Limassol-Amathus (Cyprus)

The main task of the Sewerage Board of Limassol - Amathus (SBLA) is the construction, operation and maintenance of the public sewerage and stormwater drainage system of the Greater Limassol Area and therefore to improve the hygienic and environmental conditions and the quality of life in the area. It is making a lot of investments in the field of Wastewater Treatment Plants. In 2006, SBLA has began the expansion of the "Moni" Wastewater Water Treatment Plant. The plant is in full operation since 2008. Until today, SBLA constructed significant sewerage and drainage infrastructure projects worth of millions of euro. These works are an irrefutable sample of culture and progress, covering basic needs of the community, helping to improve the quality of life and protecting public health as well as the environment. The population which is currently served by the Sewerage and Drainage System of Limassol Amathus (the largest in Cyprus) is 200.000.