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Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Larissa (DEYAL) (Greece). Promoter of the project

The Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Larissa (DEYAL) is the first and largest Municipal Company in the field, after EYDAP (Athens) and EYAT (Thessaloniki), with modern facilities and top quality services. The scope and duties of DEYAL are the following: the provision of Water Supply and Sewerage, as well as the study, construction, maintenance, exploitation, administration and operation of water supply networks, runoff and wastewater sewerage networks and sludge and wastewater treatment units (Biological Cleaning) in the area of DELYAL competence. It is also responsible for production of electric power a) by exploiting the solar energy and b) by burning the Biogas deriving from the Biological Cleaning and the XYTA (Sanitary Landfill) of the Municipality of Larissa. From 1983 onwards DEYAL has participated in many projects funded through loans (European Investment Bank - Loans and Deposits Fund), by the Public Investments plan and by the cohesion fund.